Search More Efficiently
The average employee spends 37 minutes per workday searching for files and assets. Z-DAM will end frustrating searches and drastically reduce time spent searching for files located on various drives, desktops, and other storage containers. Z-DAM allows users to search more efficiently while saving time, money, and exponentially increasing productivity.
Increase Asset Value
When your digital assets and associated content cannot be located, the value of those assets is diminished. Z-DAM keeps your assets and digital content readily available and easy to find, thus extending the lifespan and the value of those assets.
Brand Awareness
With Z-DAM you can share your visual content with production teams, marketing teams, and clients, increasing brand awareness and consistency.
Why Z-DAM?
Z-DAM fully integrates into your ecosystem and workflow, making your users more efficient and productive, by removing obstacles typically found in other DAM solutions.
Governance and Control
Z-DAM provides permission-based control over your digital assets and content. Decide which users have access to view, edit, download, upload, or any combination of functional permissions. Keeping your assets safe, and secure from misuse.
Cross-Organizational Integration
We are a global provider of Digital Asset Management technology that fully integrates into your existing ecosystem and workflow with a primary focus on customer satisfaction and long-term partnership.
No License Limitations
Unlimited users on a single server. Z-DAM supports AD, LDAP, SSO, and local accounts.
Ingest with ease

It’s never been easier to upload your content. Z-DAM provides advanced Drag and Drop features and metadata automation. Or take advantage of our (EFSS) Enterprise File Sync Share solution empowering users a familiar desktop experience.

Drag and Drop
Directly drag and drop from your desktop into the Z-DAM web interface. No files size limit or quantity and users can continue to work while uploads run in the background. Upload zip files that can be automatically decompressed.
Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS)
With Z-DAM and EFSS you can work from anywhere in the world. Support onsite as well as Cloud-based solutions while giving users a seamless and familiar workflow.
Standard Web Based Uploader
Take advantage of our standard web-based uploader with full metadata entry pre-upload.
Flexible Deployment

Regardless of choice, there is no loss in functionality.


Your hardware, our software

Private Cloud

AWS, Azure, Google, etc.


Fully hosted and Managed by our team

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