Agency & Marketing

Agency & Marketing

Not only does the challenge exist for Creative and Marketing Departments during the creation inception process, but now, more than ever, managing all of your precious media has become vitally important. Utilizing a DAM enables your teams to have a standard access point to all of your digital content whether at single, multiple sites or global offices. Searching, metadata, conversions, approvals, and repurposing of assets are just a few of the core items that a DAM provides. Take a deeper dive into your digital content statistics using built-in analytics to track many aspects of file usage, metadata changes, and searching results. Create internal process workflows for approvals, conversions, automatic metadata extraction, and routing as well as publishing and distributing assets across other third-party systems.


Creative workflows are a fast-paced process. Lately, creatives are working with many file types and file sizes. It’s essential that a DAM does not impact or hinder their workflow but in fact, acts complimentary, amplifying the ease and speed of the workflow. Indexing, searching, ingestion, downloading, and metadata tagging should be painless or automatic if possible. Adding a cumbersome workflow process can cause unneeded work and stress on a creatives workflow. A DAM should not impact your daily creative activities but enhance them. In some cases, a creative may not even know a DAM is in their workflow. Efficient metadata tagging is also imperative. Providing methods for metadata entry, or automating the process utilizing workflows. Creatives may only use the DAM at a later point in their workflow for content searching, metadata tagging, and assignment.


Instead of reaching out to colleagues or clients via email, chat, or phone to get the latest files on a particular project, a DAM empowers the user to locate and find assets on their own. Providing advanced searching on all metadata will enable efficient access to assets. Save money! Companies create many assets that go underutilized or never used. Instead of using a stock photography house, users can re-purpose existing business owned assets, saving on licensing fees. Take advantage of posting your digital content directly to social media sites.

Collaboration and Sharing

The ease with which a DAM solution can handle your digital content plays right into the collaboration and sharing of assets, internally or externally. Having a single location for users to securely access content across multiple locations, for external access to users, and freelancers as well as replacing some outdated file transfer methods like FTP.

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