Get the Data, Every Single Time

Metadata—the information about the asset—needs to be captured as soon as assets enter your system for them to be useful. MediaBeacon M3TAForms makes this as painless as possible. It's a drag-and-drop tool that ensures the metadata you need is captured every single time. Simple. Complete. Just what you're looking for.

Drag-and-Drop Asset Capture: Easily drop as many assets as you want into the DAM system.

Automatic Workflows: Trigger custom workflows the moment assets are ingested.

Metadata Compliance: Capture the metadata you need every single time.

Fast: Get assets into the system quickly without a lot of fuss.

Secure: Upload large amounts of assets without exposing file shares to the outside world.

Strongly-Attached Metadata

Data loss is a thing of the past with M3TAForms. All MediaBeacon products embed metadata right in the assets themselves, so there's never a chance of separation. Got the file means got the data.

Batch Upload

Sometimes you need to upload six files. And sometimes you need to upload six thousand. With unlimited batch uploads, M3TAForms can handle it either way. Drag. Drop. Done.


With M3TAForms, data only needs to be entered once, and it stays with the asset throughout its entire life cycle. No more double entry. Now you can use work time to actually work.

Easy Workflows

Kick off custom workflows the moment assets are added to the system. Notify users, post to live activity feeds, convert formats, stamp project information. The possibilities are endless. And they're all automatic.

Seamless Integration

M3TAForms dovetails seamlessly with the MediaBeacon DAM. There's no better way to increase the value of DAM than by ensuring the assets have the metadata they need.

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