Digital Assset management

You can find (DAM) in many diverse environments such as Ad Agencies, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Publishing, Financial and Retail. If your challenged with managing large amounts of rich-media across multiple business units and geography then, let's us discuss how a (DAM) can impact your workflow in a positive way. If you want to to spend less time retrieving, repurposing, searching and distributing your assets in your company contact us to schedule a demo and speak with our knowledgable team.


Agency & Marketing

Not only does the challenge exist for Creative and Marketing Departments during the creation inception process, but now, more then ever, managing all of your rich media has become vitally important. Utilizing a DAM enables your teams to have a standard access point to all of your digital content whether at single, multiple sites or global offices. Searching, metadata, conversions, approvals, and repurposing of assets are just a few of the core items that a DAM provides. Take a deeper dive into your digital content statistics using built-in analytics to track many aspects of file usage, metadata changes, and searching results. Create internal process workflows for approvals, conversions, automatic metadata extraction, and routing as well as publishing and distributing assets across other third party systems.

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n the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry, utilizing a DAM can not only save time and money, but can provide a long-term centralized repository of your digital content. Each new product launch brings digital content innovations and more complexity. Digital imagery, social media, still images, illustrations, and video are just some of the rich media files that have to be in a flexible, easy, and compliant system such as a DAM.

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Real Estate & Property Management

It’s standard practice to have interior and exterior digital photography and videography, however, we also see aerial footage and time-lapse photography being used extensively. Combine the quantity and size of this footage and it can quickly become a challenging task to manage your digital content. A (DAM) can solve many of these problems. Ingesting, tagging and indexing your files quickly. A single location to search for assets across all your business teams.

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Colleges and universities need the ability to customize. What works for one program or department won't necessarily work for another. Fortunately, a (DAM) is up to the challenge. It allows an infinite variety of interfaces, while giving you the power to control exactly how users interact with files.

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Founded in 1999, we are a global provider of Digital Asset Management solutions. With our HQ office located in Connecticut, we are uniquely positioned to serve both the New York City and Boston areas. With satellite offices in the Chicago and Philadelphia markets.

Customer satisfaction and long-term partnership building has been and remains our primary focus and drive. Zenplex’s dedicated team of highly trained, solutions-oriented staff works closely with each customer to create a customized solution based on their needs today and into the future.

We have performed dozens of installations in markets such as Universities, Agencies, Publishing, and Manufacturing. With customers both in the U.S. as well as Europe. Let our team help define and implement your Digital Asset Management solution with our highly skilled staff, responsive support, training, and customization.

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