Aspera Integration

Aspera Integration

Transfer Assets at Maximum Line Speed

Upload and download 10x – 100x faster with Aspera. Really.

Maximize Workflow Speed

The transfer speeds made possible through Aspera mean that distant offices can maximize their productivity. With the patented faspTM transfer protocol, MediaBeacon can support thousands of concurrent transfer sessions with solid throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks.

Replace FTP

Eliminate low-speed, unreliable, insecure, and bandwidth-underutilizing FTP transfers with blazing fast transport, enterprise-grade security, and unmatched bandwidth utilization and control.

How it Works

Aspera is integrated seamlessly into the MediaBeacon interface. Wherever users have the option of uploading or downloading, they can do so with Aspera’s tools.

Aspera is a point-to-point technology that must be present on both ends of the transfer. Several varieties of Aspera server software are available, and client software is easy to download and install on individual workstations.


Aspera transfers typically run 10x – 100x faster than FTP or web-based protocols.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

File transfers take place at maximum speed, every time.

Empower All Users

Distant users can do their work without worrying about slow transfer rates. Local users can perform tasks even faster.

Intelligent Transfers

Fast, lossless inline compression reduces data sizes, further boosting Aspera’s industry-leading data speeds.


Guaranteed “minimum transfer rate” configurable via transfer priority levels and automatic retry and resume of partial or failed transfers.

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